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Susy Plummer is my name and I've been on this path of Visionary Art since 2001. 

I was born in New York into a family of artists, but it took a while for art to be my main interest. I travelled to Australia in 1969 and found my home along the coast, outside the city of Sydney. 

Before art took over, I was a practitioner of Holistic Pulsing, Aura-Soma, Kahuna Massage, EMF Balancing Technique and Transpersonal Art Therapy. 

I found that whenever I worked with a client I would go into a meditative state of mind. I would receive messages for them. I felt I wanted to explore this state of consciousness I was experiencing and bring this aspect forward. 

I was lead, through a series of synchronistic, serendipitous experiences, to create the Angel and Spirit Guide Drawings    

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