Spirit Guide Drawings

Everyone has Spiritual Guidance Energy around them. It can be seen through a form of art called Angel or Spirit Guide drawings.

Have a custom drawn Spirit Guide drawing created in full-colour pastels by Visionary Artist, Susy Plummer. The drawing will be sent to you laminated with a written message from your guide. 

As a Visionary Artist, I can help translate this energy into form.

Each picture is a hand-drawn, full-colour pastel portrait, of a person's unique connection to their spiritual potentials. This can come in the form of an Angel, a Past Life, a Past Life friend, Goddess or a forest being such as a Fairy, Elf or other Mystical creatures.

Each person has their own energy of possibilities and these drawings help by being a visual representation that holds this knowledge and can foster insight and awareness.

The drawing can reassure and bring feelings of comfort, safety and compassion. The Spirit Guide drawings can promote healing and may show a way forward. We each contain the Universe, what is your role to play?

Each time you look at the picture another layer of self-understanding may awaken.

I also receive messages and these are handwritten with information about who and why the guide has come through for you at this time.

If you would like to order a drawing for someone else, please ask the person first before ordering the drawing, as I need their consent.

PLEASE NOTE: The drawings pictured are examples of other people's guides, your Guide will be custom drawn for you :)

Archangel Metatron

   Reiki Guide 

Guide Stories 

Pythia ~ High Priestess of the temple of Apollo

Pythia is one of the Oracles at Delphi. Pythia takes her name from the winged serpent, the dragon Python that protected the temple. That is why I incorporated the wing into this drawing, without me knowing anything of the legend. The feathered mask was unusual for me to draw as well for I had only drawn one other mask at that time out of hundreds of pictures. I found out when I gave her the Guide drawing that she collected masks as a hobby! This was so she knew this drawing was done especially for her. 

Pomona ~ Goddess of the Harvest

This story began about 3 weeks before I received an order for a Guide drawing. Sometimes I do a drawing without knowing who it is going to be for. This time the name Pomona came to me and then I started to draw her. I looked up the name that I received, I knew she was a Goddess but did not know her status. I found out, she was the Goddess of the Harvest. I knew the drawing was to be for a man and he would order it soon. Then the rest of the information came through.

I went to a Psychic Fair and expected a fellow to come up for a picture, but no man ordered a picture that day.

I was perplexed because it did not happen, but I also realised that the drawing was not quite finished. So when I sat back at my drawing table that night, I felt that a swirling crown should be drawn. It signified the connection to all his past lives, which were now coming to fruition.

The very next morning I got an email from a fellow in the US. He wrote that he had been thinking of getting a drawing for awhile and that now was the time of the Harvest! ? No doubt the drawing was for him!

A few months later he rang to tell me about what the drawing meant to him. Pomona's message, about his past lives coming to fruition, was accurate as that was happening for him right now. He told me had visited Hawaii last year where he met up with a group of people that told him, he was the reincarnation of their Spiritual group leader and that they have been waiting for him to join them again. He was excited and thrilled to have found his tribe once again and to be moving to be with them. The drawing of Pomona had helped to confirm the magic of what was happening.

Dione ~ The Greek Water Oracle & Healer 

These words are from the happy client 

"I've always had an affinity with the sea/water. I have also been told I am a healer....the emerald green background is meaningful to me, so is the colourful hair and so is the name Dione. One of the possible pronunciations is very similar to my imaginary friend from childhood!" - Shelia

Aditi ~ The Hindu Ancient Godmother of the Sky
Sanskrit word meaning; Limitless 

 Lady of the Lake

The Rider of Pegasus The Winged Horse

Buddhist White Tara

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